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Succubus, Succubi…Succubied…

…I am what rises from
A woman scorned…
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A Regina-ism: Seriously, The B**** Ain’t Loyal!!

Don’t trust that Muse for one moment. As soon as you turn your back, she will steal stuff from your house and run. The B**** isn’t loyal!

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I’m back…

Hi all. I’m back from vacation. Germany was great! I went to all my old spots and visited the places I love the most. I visited with my Oma and came to terms with the fact that I may never … Continue reading

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The Award Winning “The Muse’s Poem” by ABG

The Editor’s Pick Award is one of the highest to be earned on LushStories.com and I was honored to receive one for this poem. Yeah, yeah, I don’t usually get this self indulgent but this is the place for it. … Continue reading

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